PATROTIC Front deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya says although he does not support calls to disband LAZ, the ruling party is officially not happy with its conduct.

And Bwalya says the PF will back President Edgar Lungu’s third term bid.

Speaking on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme yesterday, Bwalya downplayed the attack which his party officials had unleashed on LAZ saying it was not the PF’s official position.

“The party has not taken an official position on this because there is no need to take an official position on an institution that is a creation of the law, that institution exists legally. Their decisions are open to criticism and sometimes some of our members may couch those criticisms in a manner that seems to extend to wanting to want the entire organisation, the entire institution scrapped and so on but it is not the position of the party,” Bwalya said.

He however said the party was disappointed with some of the positions LAZ had been making on national affairs.

“We are time and again as a party even officially not happy about certain positions the Law Association of Zambia has taken in terms of commissions even in terms of omissions when we have expected that they will rise to the challenge and speak, they may not speak, we have those disappointments but the official position is not that it should be disbanded the official position is not that we don’t need the Law Association Zambia in this country. You see we shouldn’t make a mistake to throw way a cup just because it is dirty, what you do to a dirty cup is to wash it and then you continue to use it,” he said.

And Bwalya said the PF would support President Lungu’s third term bid.

“The Patriotic Front after the demise of President Michael Chilufya Sata the founder, underwent very serious a turbulence and then a leader emerged who has consolidated unity of the county, has made sure we harness the games from 2011 and so on, he is a the leader we believe in. We are not saying he is perfect, no one is perfect but he is a leader who has distinguished himself to the point of creating a consensus within the party that we have the right man at the helm of our party and we want him supported by all members of the party to finish this term,” said Bwalya.

“And when he asks for another term we do believe that there will be have no problem to give a second term as leader of the party because of the way he has conducted himself, the way he has managed the party, the way he has provided national leadership and so on.”