Independent Broadcasting Authority Director General Josephine Mapoma has called on all broadcasting stations in the country to involve children in running the production process.

In a statement today to commemorate the 2017 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting, which falls on March 05, Mapoma stated that broadcasting houses needed to pay attention to kids’ programmes and to allow children to be part of the production and presentation processes.

“I urge all radio and television stations in Zambia to pay more attention to kids’ programmes. They should air quality programming about and for children and the most importantly, allow children to be part of the programming process,” Mapoma stated.

IBA DG Josephine Mapoma: file picture

She stated that allowing children to participate in broadcasting helped to inculcate professionalism in them at a tender age.

“This should not be a one off event, stations should continue producing programmes for children and engaging them even after the IDCB commemoration. This will allow for diverse content and help identify and nurture talent. It can also help inculcate professionalism in them at a tender age. Besides, children are the editors, producers news casters and programme anchors of tomorrow,” Mapoma stated.

The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting was created by UNICEF in 1991 in order to encourage broadcasters worldwide to create awareness for issues affecting children and to allow them to be part of the programming and presentation process.