President Edgar Lungu has warned those who provoke him to realise that he wields a lot of power as Head of State.

And President Lungu has asked Isoka residents in Muchinga Province to pray for the UPND so that they can accept the election results and move on.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has warned those involved in the illegal exportation of the Mukula tree that they would be arrested, regardless of their societal standing.

Addressing residents today, President Lungu said the reason he was not responding to provocations was because he wanted peace to prevail.

“Echo ba Kaunda batushilile, mutende weka-weka. Ifi ndebaleka, ndefwaya umutende, tekweba ati nshakwata amaka (Our First Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda left us with peace, my quietness should not mean that I don’t have the power). As president am very powerful, so I cannot be provoked by anybody, so they should realize that naine wine, kuti nakalipa but ndebalekakofye (I can also get upset, but I am just letting them be),” President Lungu said.

“Aba muleumfwa abatemwa ukulanda-landa, balikwata ukwakubutukila. Eyifyo fine naine ndaibwelamo nati kwena mpose? Naibwelamo pantu abachulilamo nibambi. So balya abalentuka, natubalabekofye because they know what they can do, they can run away. Ifwe tulefyaya fye umutende so that abana bakule, nabena bakakwate abana ababo (Those people who you hear talking too much, they have somewhere to run to. That’s why I just restrain myself when I think about hitting back. I restrain myself because I know that it is other people who will end up suffering. So those who like insulting me, let us just forget about them because they know what they can do, they can run away. Some of us just want peace so that our children can grow up and have their own children).”

And President Lungu asked Isoka residents to pray for UPND members so that they could finally accept election results.

“Just ignore them because abantu aba chalibakalipa, balilusa imyuku iyingi sana, balilusa imyuku ibili muli two years. But mulebapepelako sana so that imitima yabo ikaleko panshi , basumine ukweba ati balilusa so that tubombele chapamo, we want to take development everywhere, this is not time for provoking others (Just ignore them because these people are hurt, they have lost too many times; they lost twice in two years. But you should be praying for them so that their hearts can be at ease and they should accept the results and we can work together),” President Lungu said.

“Ndemyeba ati bonse abalesapota UPND, abalesapota FDD, kumo nabalesapota ifi fimbi ifipani ifyaliko pama elections, labeniko fyalipwa, bombeni chapamo, otherwise muzailasha (I am telling you that all those who were supporting UPND, FDD, and other political parties which stood during the last elections, forget about the elections and move on, let’s work together otherwise you will loose out).”

Meanwhile, President Lungu lamented over the continued illegal exportation of the Mukula tree

“Mukula has given us problems here. What I have come for here, apart from thanking you people of Isoka for voting for me, I want to take stock of what is happening on the Mukula tree. Those who do not follow the law will be arrested. What used to happen where if found guilty, you pay admission of guilt, and then allowed to sale Mukula to Tanzania, that should come to an end. Once you are found with Mukula, it will go to government, government will decide what to do with it. Once found with Mukula, whether you are a civil servant or police officer, you are going in cells. We want to start planting Mukula tree just like any other tree plantation,” said President Lungu.

Watch the full address in the video below: