Police in Sinazeze District of Southern Province have arrested four assassins hired by unknown people to kill unsuspecting citizens.

Southern Province Police Commissioner Bonny Kapeso confirmed this in a statement today, saying the suspects were arrested after being on the loose for a long time.

“Police in Sinazeze have arrested three of the most wanted dangerous criminals in Sinazongwe for various serious cases reported in the area after being on the loose for a long time. Two firearms, one AK 47 rifle and a shotgun have since been recovered with three rounds of ammunition,” Kapeso said.

“Two days ago, males Boniface Mulongo, 39, Maybin Siakainya, 45 and another person only identified as Cosmas, all of Sinazongwe District, were nabbed in connection with recent attempted murder of a named woman in Sinazeze whose arm has since been amputated while the fourth suspect was nabbed in Kalomo after he escaped from Maamba Police where he was detained for aggravated robbery which occurred last year. He has been identified as Abel Siampongo of Sianzovu village in Sinazongwe district.”

Kapeso said the fourth suspect, Siampongo, is alleged to have murdered Adrian Kanchele using an AK 47 rifle earlier this month.

“The four dangerous criminals are part of the group police are hunting for linked to several cases of murder, aggravated robberies and attempted murder cases reported to the police by members of the public,” said Kapeso.

“These criminals are said to be hired as assassins in order to kill other unsuspecting people accused or suspected by other ordinary people in the communities they live.”

Kapeso said all the suspects would appear in court soon.