Southern Province police commissioner Bonny Kapeso says police have arrested four suspects linked to ongoing robberies in Choma.

And Kapeso says Sinazeze police have nabbed 41-year-old man notorious for making home made guns used to murder people in the area.

In a statement today, Kapeso stated that people working in lodges had been targets.

“Police in Choma have arrested four suspects linked to the current robberies in Choma where workers from lodges have been targets of attack and other innocent people robbed of their valuables. Those arrested yesterday in Zambia compound include Kelvin Malambo , 22, Brian Silemu , 25, and Joseph Mulenga, 19, while the fourth has been identified as Given Santana, 17,” Kapeso stated.

“All of them are residents of Zambia compound in Choma. The quartet have been terrorising people and grabbing their items between 19:00 hours and 22:00 hours, and they have especially targeted workers from lodges.”

He stated that the suspects were currently detained in police custody and that they would soon appear in courts.

And police in Sinazeze have arrested a fifth person associated with murders in the area.

“Sinazeze police have also arrested a fifth person associated with the murders reported in the area where four assasins were nabbed last week. The fifth suspect identified as Kausa Muchindu 41, of Siamakoli village in Pemba District, is reported to have been the chief manufacturer and the supplier of the home made guns used in the killings of innocent people in Sinazongwe area. He will be charged jointly with the other suspects nabbed for murder cases being handled by the police and appear before Court,” stated Kapeso.