Oracle Media director Mutinta Mazoka M’membe says it is contemptuous for Lusaka lawyer Lewis Mosho to suggest that her company owes him K5 million for allegedly using Post property to run The Mast Newspaper.

Yesterday, Mosho wrote to Mutinta and Frank Sibbukku, the directors of Oracle Media Productions, demanding payment of K5 million within 72 hours failure to which he would begin legal proceedings to wind up their operations.

But Mutinta took to her Facebook page, describing Mosho’s suggestions as a “big lie” adding that The Mast was started without a single Kwacha from The Post.

“The Mast Newspaper was started without a single kwacha or piece of equipment from The Post Newspaper or any other external source. To suggest that we owe Mr. Mosho and his gang anything is contemptuous and a big lie. Please read the letter received. The intentions are very clear, they want to close The Mast, the same way they closed The Post. This time the reason is even more outrageous,” wrote Mutinta.

Screenshot of Mutinta Mazoka Mmembe’s post