Former FODEP executive director MacDonald Chipenzi says the destruction of public property as a way of venting anger is evil because it undermines national development.

Chipenzi observed that burning court buildings was not a solution.

“The continuous reports on burning of court buildings that have rocked the country recently is regrettable and inhuman. These acts will undermine justice and national development. Inhuman in the sense that some people who are waiting for justice through these courts that are being burnt will not have it because, in some cases, their files have been burnt thereby further inflicting injustice on them,” Chipenzi said.

“Notwithstanding the differences that may exist in our society and among our people, destruction of public property is not the solution to the problem. The destruction of such properties come at a great cost to the national treasury. Regardless of the motive behind these arsonistic acts, targeting public infrastructure, more especially infrastructure of justice is an exacerbation of injustice in the country.”

Chipenzi also advised President Edgar Lungu to avoid threats when dealing with such issues.

“There is need to get to the bottom of this issue and appreciate why court buildings have been a target of such acts recently. There is need to use persuasive language rather than threats and warnings in times like these in which Zambia has found itself,” he said.

“Praying alone without deeds is a danger to the future and breeds uncertain to many Zambians who remain exposed to insecurity. To this end I appeal to the powers that be to preach the message of love and unity rather than threats and intimidation; as the case has been of late, because threats and intimidation create truants in society and is fertile ingredients for indifference.”

He said finger-pointing would derail the nation from dealing with the root cause of the problem.

“Let us avoid witch-hunt and finger-pointing as we get to the bottom of the causes and those involved in such. Any acts of finger pointing before the truth may impair us from comprehending the real problem and apprehending those behind these arsonist acts,” said Chipenzi.