Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) president Ludwig Sondashi says declaring a state of emergency will only confirm that there’s no democracy in Zambia.

Sondashi who is also former Minister of Justice says attacks on Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Linda Kasonde are unnecessary.

In an interview, Dr Sondashi noted that the country’s political landscape was worrying but said it was not compelling enough for President Edgar Lungu to threaten declaring a state of emergency.

“The consequences if he [President Lungu] declares a state of emergency, then that will bring Zambia down and people will think that there is no democracy in this country when in fact democracy is there. In any case, what is there to constitute a state of emergency? What is it that has happened that the country should be declared a state of emergency? I don’t see any reason for certain things like a state of emergency because there is no reason why there should a state of emergency in this country,” Dr Sondashi said.

He advised the Patriotic Front to maintain the good reputation previous governments had worked hard to build.

“The political situation in the country is not good for democracy to thrive and because of that, economic advancement can not be ensured. You see, what has taken Zambia above to the extent where it has reached now economically, where even people from the international community are regarding Zambia as a peaceful country and an economically stable one, is what previous governments have so far done and it should be maintained that way. I am therefore asking the government to maintain that trend in order to preserve Zambia,” Dr Sondashi said.

And Dr Sondashi condemned attacks on LAZ and the forceful calls for the resignation of its president.

“As a Constitutional Lawyer and as a former Minister of Justice who served in government for a long period of time, I think the threats on LAZ are uncalled for. There is no need for cadres to be told to go and demonstrate at LAZ or to even align members of LAZ to state a motion that president Linda Kasonde must resign because there are regular membership changes which the association allows where it chooses it’s leaders, so they should allow that to take place. The Law Association of Zambia is an independent body and it should be allowed to operate without interference,” said Dr Sondashi.