Rainbow Party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba says PF lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube should be ignored because he is just looking for recognition.

And Kabimba says KBF can never be Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president even if Linda Kasonde resigned because no one can vote for him.

In an interview yesterday, Kabimba said KBF was just trying to remind people of his existence.

“You are talking about people I know very well. Let me tell you, nobody takes Mr Fube seriously not even in LAZ, so I wouldn’t worry myself about any comment that comes from Mr Fube because to me it doesn’t make news and it doesn’t even matter which forum he features on. Fube was in PF and they removed him so nobody takes him seriously,” Kabimba said.

“The reason why he has been all over the place trying to finish off Kasonde is because he is looking for recognition. He is a populist who is just looking for recognition so that people can know that oh ba Fube epo bali [Fube is around] that’s all. So why worry about such a man? Nobody takes Fube seriously whether in LAZ or outside LAZ.”

And Kabimba said KBF could never become LAZ president even if the association was to be dissolved.

“And even if he has been vying for the LAZ presidency no one is going to vote for him. There is nobody who is going to vote for Fube, I can put my dollar here, there is nobody who is going to vote for Fube at the LAZ annual general meeting, that I can tell you,” Kabimba said.

Meanwhile, Kabimba insisted that the PF wanted to have a controllable legal body.

“LAZ is an independent body of professionals and sometimes, LAZ would take a position on certain national issues and its position on certain issues may not please everybody including the government of the day. So if doesn’t, those in government also have a right to complain about LAZ because they have a right to express their opinions. However, what we must promote is a divergence of opinions. The fact that PF is complaining does not mean that LAZ is wrong, no! We shouldn’t worry just because the person who is complaining is working at State House because being at state House is not makes your opinion right, not at all. The fact that LAZ does not side with the government of the day does not mean that the association has committed an offense,” said Kabimba.

“But like I have always said, there is no need why we should have two Law Associations for a small profession like LAZ and I have also said that it is clear that the PF wants to create an association that they can use as a mouth piece.”