The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) says there will be no traffic law enforcement on motorists driving vehicles with expired road tax or fitness until the agency fixes the broken down system which records and prints motor vehicle data.

However, the agency says issuance of driving licenses has not been affected by this interruption and has continued to be effected manually.

RTSA Public Relations Manager Fredrick Mubanga told News Diggers! in an interview today that the RTSA’s network system crushed on Tuesday due to a technical fault thereby affecting the agency’s issuance of all documents that are generated electronically.

“The traffic law has temporarily been suspended during this period that our system is at fault. There will be no law enforcement like on fitness or road tax which has expired until the system is restored. However, issuing of road service licenses manually is there but then we started issuing them directly from our system from the time we went electronic. But now that the system is down, we will continue with the manual way of issuing licenses even if the system fails to recoup over sometime,” Mubanga said.

Mubanga emphasised that the exemption of the traffic laws will only be applied to those affected by the disruption of RTSA’s electronic system of issuing documents.

“There are some documents that you can do manually and so the agency issues various ranges of documents that others are electronic and then the others are manual. For instance, the issuance of the road service license is not electronic and it it is still going on for those that want to get a road service license to operate as a public service vehicle, they are not affected, so its only those documents that are generated from our system like certificate of fitness,” he said.

Mubanga said there is no estimated time for within which the agency was expected to restore its system.

“I can not tell you when the system will be restored but what I can say is that we are working tirelessly to ensure that this issue is sorted out within the shortest possible period,’ said Mubanga.