PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya says he will think about marrying next year.

And Bwalya says if it proved that police are getting instructions from politicians, then they are the ones to blame because there is no justification for doing so.

Speaking when he featured on a Millennium Radio talk show yesterday, Bwalya said he was not ready to start calling someone every day.

“For now I am comfortable because I have a maid who comes three times in a week to work so I have not made a decision to marry yet, but maybe next year I will make a decision because I am not ready to be calling someone on phone everyday but when I decide to marry, ninshi ifyo fine and how long it will take between the decision and the actual marrying nafyo nifyo fine but that will be next year pantu life is dynamic I can still change my mind and go back to being a priest if I want,” Bwalya said.

And Bwalya said if it was proved that police were getting instructions from politicians, then they were the ones to blame.

“If it is proved that the police are getting instructions from us, then the police are to blame because there would be no justification whatsoever for them to get instructions from anyone of us not even from a minister and so they would better respond to the reason why they are doing that if they are doing it. However, sometimes people say the police are getting instructions from PF members and cadres because of some pronouncements that are made in the media but one thing that should never be ignored is that merely saying that the police should do ABC, is not taken as an instruction by the police and implemented as such, it is not true,” he said

“We may have one or two of our members in the same way you could have people from the opposition saying that the police should arrest someone because what is said amounted to an offense, you are not giving the police instructions per se but you are calling the police to move because you think that something wrong has been done.”

Meanwhile, Bwalya said it was wrong for people to insinuate that the Presidential empowerment scheme was just a campaign gimmick just because it was impossible for the scheme to reach everyone.

“The fact that some people might not be hearing about who is empowered here or there doesn’t necessarily mean that the programme has grounded to a halt. The programme is still active and the patron is the now Central Province PS Mr Chanda Kabwe and they are moving, they are supporting marketeers. But, the problem we maybe facing this time around is that once you talk about empowerment, although you have made it very clear who are supposed to be the beneficiaries in terms of the audience as in the clientele you are targeting, people will still complain to say no ifwe tabatupelako, kuno tabaisa [us we have not been given] and so on and yet it is strictly for marketeers,” Bwalya said.

“The other thing is that the country is big and this is just a Presidential initiative, it is not possible to roll out simultaneously and reach everyone and so that is a challenge that the initiative has faced but I can assure the public that this initiative is up and running, it is going to continue and it was never, never meant to be an election gimmick and therefore it is going to continue.”

Bwalya however urged beneficiaries to pay back the loans.

“At the end of the day, what we are praying for as a party is that those who are benefiting from this empowerment and need to pay back or need to work as a group to generate some income and maybe share monies themselves depending on the kind of conditions that are given that they will be able to comply so that even those people who may be coming from outside the country and want to support our people in this manner, can find a record of the commitment of our people to repay and to make such programmes work is going to encourage them because sometimes people coming from outside have got a programme to empower people, it could be through provisions of soft loans where you are not even paying any interest at all,” said Bwalya.