President Edgar Lungu has asked traditional leaders to cooperate with him for the interest of the people even though they might not support him as a politician.

Speaking when he graced the Kufukwila ceremony of the Kaonde speaking people yesterday, becoming the first Head of State to do so, President Lungu said his government would continue to partner with traditional leaders across the country.

“Whether you support me as a politician or not, please let us cooperate in the interest of our people. I do not expect all of you (traditional leaders) to support me as a politician. Government is dealing with people’s challenges especially those in rural areas and social protection is one of the interventions,” President Lungu said.

“My government attaches great importance to traditional ceremonies and as such, we will continue to partner with traditional leaders across the country. Ours is the government of the Republic of Zambia; a beacon of love, peace and unity. And we will continue living in peace. From time immemorial, Chiefs have governed our people way before the creation of political leadership.”

He promised to continue delivering development to the people of North-Western Province.

“North Western province has not been left out of the ongoing massive infrastructure development under the Patriotic Front government. Government is maintaining and rehabilitating roads in the districts and I confirm – we have been too slow but I am sure going forward, we will speed up this program. It is of course dependent on the availability of resources. In the education sector, a number of changes have been made. Our policy demands quality and accessible education for all. It is the best equalizer,” President Lungu said.

“8 boarding Schools in North Western are under construction at different levels. My government is upgrading 22 Primary Schools into Secondary Schools. In the energy sector, we have a massive power project to connect all the districts of North Western and so far, Mwinilunga, Mufumbwe, Maninga districts have all been connected. While, Chavula and Zambezi districts will have power by July, 2017. North Western has massive potential for economic advancement. On Agriculture, the region has plenty arable land with adequate rainfall.”

He also wished Senior Chief Mukumbi Ibaloli XV, who has been on the throne for 55 years now, well in his continued reign.

“We wish you well your Royal Highness, Senior Chief Mukumbi Ibaloli XV in your continued leadership to your people. Being on the Throne for 55 years is not a simple thing,” said President Lungu.