In this video, Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili says there are a lot of bootlickers in PF who are lying to President Edgar Lungu that everything is fine in the country when people are not happy.

And Kambwili says he was among five people who founded the PF and he was not going to leave it to newcomers.

Speaking at a press briefing at his house today, the former Information and Broadcasting minister said bootlickers in the ruling party did not mean well.

“Comrades in PF, more especially those who have just joined PF, I berg you, help us to build PF, don’t come and destroy it for your selfish gains. Bootlickers have never meant well. All they want is to keep their positions, they speak for their pockets and for their own gain. Can you imagine a few Minister are now going to private companies where my company does business telling them ‘cancel the contracts, don’t deal with this company because the owner is not in good standing with the party’ where are we going? I have been a business man before joining politics, why do you want to destroy my business because today you are a Minister?” Kambwili asked.

“This is what happens when a few individuals, bootlickers want to mislead the seating Head of State. What is happening now in PF is that people are enjoying telling lies about others, surely you expect me Chishimba Kambwili to go and sponsor Jerabos in Chingola to destabilize the copperbelt so that President Edgar Lungu can lose the elections and I take advantage and become president, to me that’s a lot of nonsense. Somebody goes to tell the President, a minister ‘Your Excellency, these jerabos who were killed in Chingola it is Chishimba Kambwili who is organizing them’ where are we going? I have never been to Chingola since the beginning of this year. Do I know the jerabos in Chingola? Do I know the jerabos on the Copperbelt?” Kambwili asked.

He also warned Copperbelt Province Minister Bowman Lusambo against interfering with the operations of his company (Mwamoneni Investments).

“Why should it take Bowman Lusambo to go and tell companies that they should not deal with me? Young man Lusambo let me tell you ‘the direction you are taking is wrong’ thats not the way we run PF, since President Sata came into office, we have never squeezed anybody in business because the people you want to squeeze in business have got employees many of which contribute to the GDP of this country, they contribute to the economy of this country. You have a lot of work to do as Minister, you have a lot of work to clean up the Copperbelt, please leave Mwamona engineering alone because you don’t know where Mwamona engineering has come from.”

Kambwili also complained that he had made several attempts to meet the president so that he could give his view in the recently upward adjustment on the electricity tariffs but that all the attempts had proved futile.

“All of you know that this news has been received with a lot of hunger by the grassroots. People are not happy but you see! I am convinced that people are not going to the President to tell him the truth that people are not happy. Yes we know that Zesco needs cost reflective tariffs for it to survive but I don’t think doing it at once 50 per cent increase in May and another 25 per cent increase in September is the right way to go. All the other factors have not changed between May and September, salaries of the people are still the same but electricity tariffs go up, 75 percent in one year,” he said.

“For me I would rather go to the President and tell him that your Excellency, I think we should have spread standards to this increment I think on a period of three or four years, you increase by 10 percent this year, another 15 percent that year just like that. And when we want to tell the President, we are not being given access. I have been to the vice president I want to meet the president, there has been no positive response, I have phoned the presidential aide, no response, I have phoned Kaizer Zulu, no response, I have phoned the secretary to the president, no response. Now where do you air out your views like these? It become difficult.”

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And Kambwili said he suffered for the PF and he was not going to leave it to newcomers.

“I was one of the five people that started the PF, how can I be against PF? And today online people are saying ‘we challenge Chishimba Kambwili to leave and go and form his own political party’ let me say and I have said this before ‘Mwaloba ilyauma.’ I will never leave PF, I have suffered for PF, I have been imprisoned over PF, I lost my businesses in MMD over PF. How many times have you been imprisoned yourself to call Chishimba Kambwili to leave PF? I was arrested five times in the opposition and put in prison for PF. And today you come from nowhere to say I should form my own political Party, it is you who should form your own political party, I have been there through thick and thin for PF. Now a few of you who have just joined PF you want to malign us, No! Join PF and let us work together,” Kambwili added.

He further said that he would not respond to Rainbow party leader Wynter Kabimba who was celebrating his firing, but he went ahead and responded.

“I would not want to respond to Wynter Kabimba because people may not notice the difference. There is a saying in English that if you argue with a fool… Kabimba is a political nobody and I wouldn’t want to talk about him. He is the worst politician this country has ever had. When I was fired nobody celebrated, when he was fired the whole country celebrated, so he cant see the distinction. He can’t compare himself to me, the whole country went on the streets celebrating the firing of Kabimba but when I was fired the whole country was quiet like a sea, it shows him something so he should not talk about issues he doesn’t understand,” Kambwili said.

He also said there too much indiscipline in the ruling party.

“How can Kamba, a provincial youth chairman go to the Paper and say I want to warn Chishimba Kambwili? Sure can Kamba warn me? A provincial youth chairman warn me (a member of the central committee) and we are watching, that’s indiscipline of the worst kind, that provincial youth chairman of the Copperbelt, Kainga to warn Mr Kambwili, he is too junior. Me the only people that can scold at me is the President of the Party, the Secretary General, the Vice President, and the Chairman of the party. Those are the people that can scold at a member of the central committee and you will not answer back. Not Sunday Chanda, Director of Media calling Kambwili to leave the party, that’s indiscipline. There is too much indiscipline in the party because when you allow small boys to insult senior members of the party and you watch, nifilya muchibemba tulanda ati ‘ukutengelesha amafina muchilonda’ because tomorrow they will not be on Chishimba Kambwili, they will be on you. Kamba Mwaiche wandi, life is all about lessons, this is what you used to do when there was Wynter Kabimba, you were so much into insulting people, when Wynter left, you came to my office to plead and I spoke for you. You don’t learn mwaiche wandi?”

He added that Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo had no powers to rebuke him.

“Even my fellow member of the central committee Kampyongo to be warning me, using which powers? Kampyongo is not superior to me, if he has a problem with me! He should report me to the secretary general that’s the way its suppose to be and the SG would find out from me and we talk. Even if the SG scolds me, I will not be upset because he is superior. What I stand up and also start warning Kampyongo? Where will the party go? Asked Kambwili.

Meanwhile Kambwili also said it was wrong for PF members to start endorsing President as the sole candidate when he had only been in office less than nine months.

“The constitution does not provide that if there is an incumbent President! There will be no elections in the coming five years. Let me make it very clear that PF will never entertain the issue of sole candidacy, nobody not even central committee would say there is a sole candidate,” said Kambwili.

“So for those who think that they can drive an agenda of the sole candidacy in PF, they are free to go and join the UPND. There, there are no elections. The UPND has had one president since Mazoka died for I don’t know how many years, every time its a sole candidate, we don’t want that to happen to PF. We want as a ruling party to lead by example to the effect that we are democratic. And let me say this, when people give divergent view, let them not be viewed as enemies of the party because this is want bring division.”