Whilst many Zambians were glued to their television sets as the U20 soccer team fought for a place in the World Cup Semi-Finals, United Progressive People (UPP) president Saviour Chishimba was staging a one man protest against corruption at State House and the High Court among other institutions.

Chishimba wondered how people could be enjoying the game when people were suffering.

However, police did not allow Saviour to get too close to State House, escorting him to walk at a reasonable distance.

“The walk-by protest at State House started at 10:30 am. I was protesting against corruption and economic hardships due to bad PF leadership. I was calling for government action in support of the evicted marketeers. The moment I reached (walking by) the Presidential entrance (overlooking Arakan Barracks), State House security personnel came out in their numbers – they included plain clothes and uniformed officers. I praise God that none touched me though they walked with me close by until I reached Brentwood Drive,” Chishimba said in a statement.

“Photojournalists were not allowed to take pictures, but a few were taken as I walked along the pedestrian walkway of Independence Avenue.”

He carried placards stating “Bring Back Our Money”, “China Henan Out, stop the lease now!” and “Set up tribunal to probe Dora” among others.

Chishimba then Proceeded to the Supreme Court at about 10:45 hours where he conducted Standby Protest demanding for the set up of a Tribunal to probe Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya for her alleged involvement in the Zambia – Malawi maize saga.

“After State House, I proceeded to Supreme Court to demand that the maizegate tribunal be set up. I also seized the occasion to demand #FreeHH!,” he said.

“The Lusaka City Council was the next and I protested against the 65 year lease of Lubarma Market to China Hainan. The last stop was at Lubarma Market. I inspected the Market before meeting with the China Hainan Manager. It was clear that Zambia has been sold by the MMD and PF, put together. The deal is horrible and in conflict with the law. The marketeers came out in numbers chanting, ‘Mr President, please help us!!!’. One Zambian female who works for a Chinese had just been fired without benefits today after working for two years. She had a shortage of K149 in cashing. Her Chinese employer had initially confiscated her cell phone over the same shortage. There is no job security for Zambians anymore,” Chishimba said.

Chishimba described the protest as successful and beneficial.