In this audio, PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says the party will not be dragged into personal fights between its Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili and those he differs with.

And Mumbi says President Edgar Lungu has personally written to Kabwe Central member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube informing him of the party’s decision to drop him as legal counsel.

At a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Kamwbili said there was too much indiscipline in the ruling party and it was unacceptable for his juniors to be denouncing him and telling lies about him to President Edgar Lungu.

But in an interview today, Mumbi said the party would not get involved in Kambwili’s fights because it was aware that he was the one who had been calling junior members of the party to insult them.

“Kambwili should not bring us in his own problems, what he has been doing it is him who has been calling these officials and insulting them, I am sure you saw the correspondence which was there, it was in ‘The Mast’ the day before yesterday, its honorable Kambwili who called provincial youth chairman on the Copperbelt, he is also a member of the central committee, Mr Kainga is a member of the central committee, he cannot call him his junior, he is also a member of the central committee just like Kambwili is, and if he starts a fight, if Kambwili lifts a phone and insults Mr Kainga, he shouldn’t expect us to start joining his fights,” Mumbi said.

“Because as an adult I don’t expect, I pick up a phone, I call Alfridah Kansembe I insult her in her personal capacity and wants the party to be dragged into that nonsense? It is not fair.”

Mumbi revealed that the party was aware of Kambwili’s fights with Lusaka province PF youth chairman Kennedy Kamba but added that it would be childish for the party to get involved.

“The same Kambwili is the one who called Kennedy Kamba in the night around 23:00hrs because Kennedy Kamba came to the secretariat the following morning and showed us how they were even arguing using SMS. So in Bemba we say! Chindika umwaiche pakuti akuchindike. Kamwbwili should not expect that he will be insulting people then, when they react he wants us to be involved. Does he consult us when he calls those people? He does it in his personal capacity, the party is too big than Kambwili, this party is too big than Mumbi Phiri. This is an institution with established structures. There is no dispute and us as a party, we will not get involved in people’s personal fights,” Mumbi said.

“As I have said, I have given myself as an example, if I start insulting Alfridah Kansembe where the party is not involved on a private matter, on their private phones, you want us to get involved? That is childish.”

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And Mumbi said President Lungu had personally written to Tutwa over his dismissal from the position of PF legal counsel.

On Sunday, Tutwa challenged PF Secretary General Davies Mwila to officially write to him so that he could present his bill for the services rendered.

But Mumbi said President Lungu had already written to him.

“It is not the office of the secretary general to write to him, from what we know at our office, Tutwa was written to by the President himself because whatever he had has nothing to do to us as a secretariat. So he has been officially written to by the President himself, the one who appointed him as a legal counsel. Us we have no powers over him, why? Because we only deal with central committee. And the chairperson for legal at the central committee is Hon Alfridah Kansembe, those are the people we have powers over, not Tutwa! The one who appointed him is the one who wrote to him,” said Mumbi.

Meanwhile Copperbelt Province Minister Bowman Lusambo declined to comment on Kambwili’s accusations that he was interfering with the former’s businesses when contacted.