Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima says corruption, laziness misappropriation of funds and dishonesty among officers of the Court is denting the judiciary.

Gracing a workshop for court clerks at Ndola’s Savoy Hotel today, Mambilima said the judiciary was being let down by a few corrupt individuals.

“Their work is characterized by laziness, practices such as corruption, misappropriation of funds, dishonesty and poor attitude towards members of the public. They mistreat people and pretend to be adjudicators. Those are the complaints from the majority of Zambians. It is such corrupt and dishonest individuals that are letting down the judiciary,” justice Mambilima said.

She advised court clerks to keep confidentiality.

“This responsibility requires you to keep in strictest confidence information you acquire in the course of your duty. You must not use the information for personal gain or as a means for obtaining bribes,” she said.

Justice Mambilima stressed the important role that court clerks play in keeping a positive public perception.

She added that court clerks were a critical interface between the courts and the litigating public because they were the first contact persons for those wanting to file their documents in court.