PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has thanked the Communist Party of China (CPC) for providing training opportunities to his party youths in areas such as agriculture and requested that such programmes be expanded to benefit more youths and women in his party.

Sunday Chanda, the PF Director for Media said in a statement that the two ruling parties – China’s CPC and Zambia’s PF held bilateral talks aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two political parties in Fuzhou, China.

Speaking when he met Madam Xu Lyping Vice Minister of CPC International Department, Mwila expressed gratitude over CPC’s commitment to deepen relationships with Zambia’s ruling party.

The two leaders agreed to focus on areas such as skills training and exchange programmes for leaders and members of the two political parties, with Madam Xu Lyping expressing CPC’s readiness for more exchange programmes between the two political parties.

In response, Mwila thanked the CPC for providing training opportunities to party youths in areas such as agriculture and requested that such programs be expanded to benefit more youths and women in the party. He noted that such skills training were necessary in promoting entrepreneurship in the Party and the country at large.

Mwila has invited the CPC through the Chinese government to consider providing skills training in agriculture and horticulture to Zambian youths through the Zambia National Service.

“Our youths are ready to train and work on their own and we ask CPC to consider such collaboration with the Zambian Government under the Patriotic Front”, he said.

Mwila observed that such a programme could be anchored by a co-operative model and China had a number of success stories in that regard.

In another development, the PF Secretary General held discussions with South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) Deputy Secretary General Ms Jessie Duarte on the sidelines of the BRICS 2017 Summit in Fuzhou, China. The discussion focused on South Africa and Zambia’s rich history and the need for the two ruling parties to anchor this relationship.

Mwila is accompanied by Yamfwa Mukanga, Chairperson Mines and Minerals in the PF Central Committee, Winnie Manenga Kamayoyo and Emmanuel Chihili Member of the PF Central Committee and PF chairperson for North-Western Province respectively.