President Edgar Lungu’s press aide Amos Chanda and Daily Nation proprietor Richard Sakala today appeared in the Subordinate Court in a matter where they stand charged for contempt.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has asked the court to cite them for contempt of court over an alleged defamatory article published in the Daily Nation newspaper attributed to Chanda last month.

Chanda was escorted by presidential legal adviser Sukwana Lukangaba as well as PF cadres including Kennedy Kamba and Brian Hapunda as he entered court.

Chanda and Lukangaba were seen constantly leaving the courtroom to confer outside before the before the court was called to order.

When the matter was called, HH and five other complainants were not before court and no explanation was given to magistrate Felix Kaoma who is presiding over the matter.

One of HH’s lawyers, Jack Mwiimbu, told the court that the matter would be adjourned as agreed by both parties.
“By consent of all the parties involved we have agreed that this matter be adjourned to July 5, 2017,” Mwiimbu said without giving reasons.

Sakaka and the Daily Nation are being represented by lawyer Jonas Zimba and others from Makebi Zulu and Advocates while Amos is being represented by Eric Silwamba and Lubinda Linyama.

According to the complainants, the words attributed to Chanda published in the Daily Nation that he acted foolishly over the Mongu motorcade saga are highly prejudicial and capable of prejudicing them in the treason case.

HH complained that the said words injured his reputation and exposed him to hatred.

Chanda is alleged to have issued the said remarks when he featured on Aljazeera’s The Stream program.

Meanwhile, there was an awkward moment between UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba Sakala when the two were forced to share a seat.

Mwamba always uses strong language to describe Sakala whom he was once in good books with.

Sakala has also used his newspaper in the past to ridicule the UPND vice-president.

When Mwamba found Sakala in court, he told him “Sengelelauko iwe Richard Sakala twikale bonse.”

Sakala did not respond but joined other court attendees in laughing.

Mwamba held Sakala on his shoulder after he sat next to him.