Copperbelt PF provincial Chairman Stephen Kainga has observed that the continued infighting among senior party members is embarrassing the ruling party and President Edgar Lungu.

In a statement, Kainga hailed President Edgar Lungu for intervening in the bickering that has rocked the province for months.

“On behalf of the Patriotic Front leadership on the Copperbelt, we would like to thank His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for his timely intervention in helping resolve the squabbles that had engulfed the party. We acknowledge and deeply regret that the continued fights amongst members did not only reflect badly on the party but were embarrassing and further deterred us from our mission to foster development to the people that voted us into power,” Kainga stated.

“We would like to apologize to our party President, members of the central committee and the people that voted us into power for the continued in fights that engulfed the province. We are grateful to his Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for his intervention and as a province, we pledge to work together in harmony after the wise counsel given. We have taken the advise given to us by our leader to find better ways of addressing issues in the party.”

He observed that the continued fights within party members was putting the name of President Lungu in disrepute.

“As the provincial leadership, we understand that the fights within the party particularly Ndola district have brought the name of the President into disrepute. We therefore want to assure the Head of State that no amount of indiscipline will be tolerated in the party as no one is bigger than the party. It is time that all party members focus their energies on party mobilization and working for the people. Once more we want to assure His Excellency the President, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu that we are a united force and ready to work with a common goal of helping the party and the President in delivering his promises to the Zambian people. We pledge our total support to the President and the party. Time for fighting is over and our duty to ensure that we help the President to deliver on his vision. The success of the President is dependent on the conduct of party leaders and members,” Kainga stated.

“As Provincial chairperson, let me categorically state that our loyalty is to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu because we can only have one party leader and one Republican President at a time. The leadership of the province will not hesitate to take disciplinary action on any persons that will bring the name of the party and President into disrepute. As the party in Government we need to show exemplary behaviour that will attract other members to join us. We also want to take this opportunity to thank the President for the projects on the Copperbelt. We know that the doors for many opportunities have opened now, and we will see a lot of our youths get employment opportunities. This is what the President is doing for the people on the Copperbelt.”