UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has written to the Health Professions Council of Zambia, complaining about a Dr George Msipu Phiri whom he says is colluding with others to take over his healthcare in prison by force.

According to a letter dated June 28, addressed to the Council Registrar and signed by Hichilema, the UPND leader is worried that Dr is breaching his right to privacy, and that his life is in danger.

“I hereby write to complain against one of your members Dr Msipu Phiri director of medical and health services, who is also the deputy commissioner of police for unethical conduct and professional misconduct. Dr Phiri has shown serious professional misconduct, in the manner he is colluding and conspiring with certain known people handling my life affairs. I have every reason to fear for my health and my life and my complaint is based on the following. Dr Phiri has made maneuvers to invade and breach my right to privacy anchored on doctor patient confidentiality. Dr Phiri has, without consulting me accepted unlawful instructions to be dealing with my health matters in a letter authored by a Mr Sikazwe who allegedly is equally a doctor,” HH stated.

“Dr Phiri is insisting on handling my medical welfare even though he has full knowledge that I have a personal physician and is also aware that there is a court order as regards to how my health aspects should be handled. Dr Phiri has for some strange reason insisted that his involvement in my health issue is for my own good, and has told me in the presence of witnesses that he would continue taking care of me when I am taken back to Mukobeko correctional facility in Kabwe. I wonder what else Dr Phiri knows about my unjustified incarceration is being planned by the State for him to have prior knowledge that I will be taken back to Mukobeko from Lusaka Correctional Facility.”

He complained that Dr Phiri is insisting to supervise his personal physician.

“Dr Phiri has engaged in professional misconduct by insisting that he will be supervising my personal doctor, the consultant physician, whenever I am being examined.
This conduct by Dr Phiri offends the medical profession in terms of professional rank as to how senior doctors and junior doctors should relate. In any case, I do not know in what capacity Dr Phiri who is from Zambia Police is getting involved in my health matters when the matter is in court and I am in custody of prison authorities. I am left wondering what Dr Phiri’s true intentions are,” said HH.

“In view of the foregoing, I urge your humble disciplinary committee to discipline Dr Phiri. I am ready to attend the hearing with my legal representatives to substantiate my allegation. I have deliberately not included all relevant details in this letter for security purposes.”