Patriotic Front Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube has initiated compensation donations for Lusaka City Market inferno victims by pledging K50,000.

And Fube has appealed to former chief justice Lombe Chibesakunda, and Reverend Mwape Chilekwa, and other Pillars of Peace to come up with a victims’ benefit account where people can deposit their contributions.

“As for me personally I want to appeal to the Pillars of Peace; lady justice Lombe Chibesakunda, Reverend Mwape Chilekwa and the group to come up with a victims’ benefit account so that people can begin to pledge monies into that account to help the victims of the city market arson. The burning down of City market is unforgivable, unjustifiable and totally unacceptable in a democratic dispensation such as Zambia. Yet this I say, I encourage leaders from both sides of the divide, those in government and those from the opposition to condemn this in the strongest terms and to publicly pledge to the victims of this arson who have lost their entire savings in business and investment, money, practical support,” Fube said.

“I pledge for myself as a beginning to the account, I am proposing to be set up by the Pillars of Peace. My initial pledge of K50,000 to that account when that account, the moment the account is set so that the people of City Market can start from somewhere. I also appeal to the marketeers at City Market through their association to please approach myself and the Pillars of Peace so that we can push this agenda.”

Fube has also questioned the Intelligence’s failure to detect such occurrences.

“So I ask and demand on behalf of the Zambian people, we as a nation must begin to demand from our security, accountability and responsibility. Why is it that our intelligence is always beaten up to information? Why is it that our intelligence is not up to scratch in terms of detecting some of these things? Where are the party security personnel? All they do is run around chasing monies at the airport when the president is flying around, why are they beaten to such information when things are happening right under their noses, what are they doing? Can they justify their existence. We are a very frustrated people today, we are very angry people today, we as Zambians are very tired of this violence,” said KBF who also asked musicians to organize a concert to denounce violence.