In this video, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo mocks former Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba for calling the PF a chipante pante government.

On Monday, the Rainbow Party General Secretary charged that there was was no hierarchy in the PF government and further accused Kampyongo of being an irresponsible minister.

“Now this is a government that is talking as if one Minister is from Botswana and the other one is from DRC, it is like they don’t sit in the same Cabinet meetings. This is a government where the Vice-President says one thing and then the Minister says another contradicting the Vice-President. This is a government which has no hierarchy, it’s just Chipante-pante, it is Changanya for everybody,” said Kabimba.

“And when you have irresponsible Ministers like the Home Affairs Minster [Stephen Kampyongo] telling the police that they must shoot on sight, forget about human rights and the Judicial process of the law and you have members of parliament cheering him as being a hero, you know that you are trading in dangerous waters and what is even more disappointing is that after Kampyongo makes that statement on the floor of the House, we don’t hear the President telling him that this is reprehensible, you can’t make such a statement or that this is not what this situation is intended to be. The man just walks away scot free with that statement and continues quarreling with Chief Mukuni.”

But speaking in Mandevu Constituency in Lusaka, where he met youths to pledge government’s assistance towards youth empowerment in the area, kampyongo laughed at kabimba, saying the only time he entered Parliament was out of Michael Sata’s mercy.

“Bakateka baiisa leta infunde lilya kung’a yamafunde atini? Nomba ndeumfwa utupuba tumo na tu lawyer twamungulu, pantu tu lawyer nato tumo tulaba…tulafumuka. Nomba kalya akalwimbo twaleimba katleti shani? (The President did bring provisions of the law under which he invoked Article 31 of the Constitution to declare a threatened state of emergency to Parliament so that it could be debated, not so? But now I am hearing some stupid little lawyers saying silly things… because some lawyers also are confused. Now, that song we used to sing, what did we used to say?,” Kampyo said, leading the youths into singing.

“Ka Wynter iyaya..uliwaboyo iyayaa…finshi ukwete…iyayaa…ifyakutupela…”

After the song, Kampyongo continued, saying Kabimba was a political amateur.

“Twalibebele balya twebele twamipelako umucinshi mwalatolauka, nomba elo bengesa mukulanda ati iyo Lungu apilibula ifunde ili ilyakweba ukutila umutende ubewele… nicho takwete popularity…bushe mwebantu kwena tamwatemwa Lungu mwebaliapa?
Natwishiba balefwaya bakwateko utumaka ukutila bacilimo ngaba politician, ala politics teyabana!(We told these people but because we gave then some respect they want to start jumping up and down now insulting us, saying that Lungu has twisted and broken the law that brings peace in this country. They are even claiming that President Lungu is doing all these things because he is no loner popular, really? Don’t you people who are here love Lungu? We know that they are making all these baseless claims just to gain political mileage, but politics is not for children),” Kabimba said.

“Baliiminine bena bu Presidential candidate nomba utuma vote bakwete teti mpalanye nayakwete ba Jean [Kapata] yafulisha, ndemona na councillor fye uwamuno nama vote akwete ala yafulishapo…kuti mwafunyapo mwamupelako nembasela. Nomba lelo ebengesa mukulanda ati iyo iyo ine nomba ninebo nkwete popularity, popularity yakwisa? Eicho bambi ngaba Wynter ukusangwa mu Parliament lyali lishuko lyaba Sata, tababalwa abasalwapo kumuntu ati iyo twakusala. So ngamuleumfwa balemilondolwela basendamofye icushi mulya. (Some of these are people that stood as Presidential candidates but the votes they got can not even compare with the ones that your councillor from here got. You can divide Wynter’s Votes from him by two and still have a remainder and today they want to be telling us they are more popular than we are, which popularity? With such votes? And for some people like Wynter, it was because of Sata that they even found themselves at Parliament. Otherwise, he has never been voted for by anyone so he shouldn’t lie to you because there is nothing that they know about Parliament they just got away with smoke from there.,” said kampyongo.

Watch video courtesy of Zambian Landscape: