People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti says the expulsion of Chishimba Kambwili from the Patriotic Front will benefit Zambians because he is revealing incriminating information about the criminality in the PF government.

In an interview with News Diggers! Mulongoti expressed excitement at the revelations that Kambwili had made so far, and urged Zambians and investigative wings to take interest.

“It is good that an insider is telling us the information that is useful, we must not condemn him but we must encourage him and pay attention to what he is saying. So because of that we welcome his availing the information which is useful and I know the authorities will be on him to try and silence him but we must congratulate him for coming out in the open and helping the public,” Mulongoti said.

Commenting on the alleged single sourcing of Top Star, Mulongoti said he felt there was always something fishy about the engagement of Top star.

“This single sourcing has become a common crime in Zambia. They have taken advantage of single sourcing in the law to abuse the process of procurement. That Top Star deal…remember when they came in initially there was an investigation that was going on that they had paid the Permanent Secretary one million dollars how they resurfaced again. It means the same corruption has been brought back. They are quick at saying that they will report to the president, I don’t know how the president comes into this matter because i don’t think he is supposed to be involved in engaging business people, that is the role of line ministries and the operatives in government,” Mulongoti added.

“Who else can deny Mr Kambwili when he was Minister to participate in the engagement of top star other than the higher authority who is the president? We have always suspected that there was something wrong going on at ZNBC, we have always suspected that there is something fishy at ZNBC.”

Mulongoti wondered how US$273 million was spent to complete phase two of the digital migration in six provinces when phase one only cost US$9 million as explained by Kambwili.

“So it is total theft, there is nothing to talk about in that project, and those figures which Mr Kambwili is talking about for digital migration, i can tell you we can do our own calculations without him getting involved. You can see that we have criminals who are masquerading as leaders in government. In that ZNBC deal, they got so much money from the Euro bond and now they want to spend so much money for the digital migration, thats nonsense!” Mulongoto exclaimed.

“Kambwili’s expulsion from PF is already of benefit, what he has already revealed is already of benefit to the public. The most important thing now is for us to follow it up because him alone has made revelations which are very useful, we can now pursue that together.”

He also questioned the proposed 70 million dollars to be spent on the Mufulira- Ndola road.

“Its a good thing for Mr Kambwili to come out in the open and distance himself because eventually in this single sourcing thing, people be pursued. No matter how long it takes, it will come and this is where we are beginning to question ourselves whether we are on the same page with some of the characters who are masquerading in government as leaders,” said Mulongoti.

“Not only that, they are also going to spend 70 million dollars do do a road from Mufulira to Ndola, it doesn’t make sense at all, what type of computation are they using? This is another trick which they are using to get money out of government. That Mufulira-Ndola road cannot cost 70 million dollars, that’s nonsense. Its a way of stealing money from the people of Zambia, what calculation is there, all the materials that they are going to use they are going to get from that area, they are not going to import from far away.”