Expelled Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has asked President Edgar Lungu to declassify the Digital Migration deal so that he can reveal to the people of Zambia how it was done.

In an interview with News Digger! Kambwili said he had realised that he was being challenged to disclose government secrets so that he could be arrested.

He thanked his “comrade” Wynter Kabimba for giving him a timely warning against breaching the oath of secrecy adding that he would not fall in the PF trap.

“I am very grateful to comrade Wynter Kabimba, very grateful for his sentiments. Its like he knew that was the plan. I have already been informed that the Minister of Information was deliberately told to challenge me over Digital Migration so that I can divulge information on digital migration and then they come and arrest me. That is information which came to me by virtue of my office. And I am a very seasoned politician, I know that I can’t do that,” Kambwili said.

“Comrade Wynter is a lawyer, he knows what these people want to do. So I am not blind to that, I will not play in their trap, I will always be careful. I am grateful to Comrade Wynter for the timely advice.”

He however said his successor Kampamba Mulenga had no idea about how the Digital Migration deal was handled because she was not there.

“But what I want to say! I want to tell Kampamba Mulenga that let her go and ask President Lungu to remove the veil so that I can tell the people of Zambia what transpired on the procurement of the Digital Migration. If they have nothing to hide, let them remove the veil and I will tell the people of Zambia what transpired.”

Kambwili said without President Lungu declassifying the matter, he was constrained to talk about digital migration.

“But if indeed they want me to disclose what transpired, how it was procured! Let them remove the veil, let President Edgar Lungu sign a declaration that they have allowed me to tell the people of Zambia what happened because he is the only one who can remove the veil. I will tell the people of Zambia and then they will be able to analyze who is telling the truth between Kampamba Mulenga who has come in now and Chishimba Kambwili who was there. But without the removal of that veil! I am constrained, I cannot talk about the Digital Migration, said Kambwili.

“I can just tell you that what Kampamba Mulenga said about the Digital Migration is neither here no there because first and foremost, I did not say that government has misappropriated the US273 million dollars. If you followed my discourse on Muvi TV, the reporter wanted me to talk about the Digital Migration but I said I don’t know anything. The only think I know is that to migrate four provinces, we spent US9 million dollars and to migrate the remaining six provinces they are going to spend US273 million dollars. This information is in public domain. Never did I say that government has misappropriated the US273 million dollars, I never did any insinuation. Its what we call in Bemba ‘Akanwa Kamilandu kalaipala’ but am not going to disclose any information that came to me by virtue of the office.”