President Edgar Lungu says there is no room for laziness in his government.

Speaking to journalists when he toured some stands with his wife Esther at the Agricultural Show Grounds yesterday, President Lungu said he was steering the country in the right direction with the help of Cabinet and civil servants.

President Lungu also said he was not afraid to reverse certain calls if he noticed they were not yielding the required results.

“I think I am steering the ship in the right direction with the support of my Cabinet and colleagues in government and civil servants. There is no room for lethargy in my government, we want to be practical and where we make mistakes, we are free to listen and we are free to listen and we are free to reverse the calls and start afresh. No general goes into battle to lose all his troops. You go into battle, things don’t work, you retreat and then you reorganize and re-advance and that is what I am doing. So I think we are on course because food security is everything. Right now the price of copper is attractive and I am saying yes copper is doing well but let us look into agriculture, value addition and so on,” said President Lungu.