Roan Patriotic Front member of parliament Chishimba Chimbwili has apologised to the people of Southern Province for mocking them through a statement he made while he was Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services.

In 2015 while serving as chief government spokesperson in PF, Kambwili said when he featured on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview programme that the people of Southern Province would still vote for a fellow Tonga even if Jesus Christ was to contest that election, because they were tribalists.

But today, Kambwili was in Monze where he met Southern Province chiefs and physically apologise for the hurt he caused them through his bad language.

“I sincerely thank you for accepting my apology, I came here to basically unreservedly apologise to the Tonga speaking people before the people of southern province and the Zambians for the unfortunate statement that I made on ZNBC to the effect that ‘even if Jesus Christ was to come, the people of Southern province would vote for a fellow Tonga’. This I have reflected and I want to say that I have withdrawn the statement and unreservedly apologise to the people of Southern province. My first apology was through my radio interview but I felt it was important that I come to the custodians of Southern province who the Chiefs so that I can physically apologise to them,” submitted kambwili.

And Southern Province chiefs assured Kambwili that they had forgiven him. The Roan member of parliament was accompanied by former Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenge and Former Kabushi member of parliament Lombe Musishili.