Angry UNZA students yesterday dumped rubbish bins in UNZASU president Adrian Matole’s room for siding with management’s decision to bar over 8,000 owing students from writing exams this month.

Yesterday, a meeting was called between management and UNZASU to discuss the issue but Matole shunned the meeting.

Upon learning that Matole shunned the meeting, male students, alias Monks, started chanting anti-Matole slogans.

As if the slogans were not enough, the irate monks went to the embattled UNZASU president’s room and turned it into a dumping site as they threw all kinds of rubbish found in the male residence.

Monks also vandalized some furniture in Matole’s; in his absence.

Meanwhile, UNZASU vice-president Pio Ndlovu said the union presented students’ appeal to management to allow owing students write exams and pay later before collecting results.

He revealed that management had since pledged to respond to the appeal soon.

Recently, Matole told News Diggers! that students had no choice but to pay if they wanted to write exams as it was constitutional for the institution to demand fees.