Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says Chishimba Kambwili’s biggest problem is his mouth.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka today, Mwila warned that the PF would would not take kindly to Kambwili’s childish and provocative remarks against President Edgar Lungu

“The PF is itching to defend Roan constituency and to put someone’s self proclaimed popularity to test. It does not matter in what form or shape they come, they shall fall. PF will emerge victorious because the people of Luanshya know that services, self centered politics is what they need. We are happy that he has apologized for his insults against the Tonga people or Tonga tribe. His number one enemy is his mouth, it remains for him to apologize for his mistakes or statements against the Lord Jesus Christ, something he should have done in the first place,” Mwila said.

“Let me take this opportunity to warn honorable Kambwili that the party, including youths and women will not take kindly on his childishness. Childish and provocative remarks targeted at President Lungu. He has the freedom to differ with President Lungu and not to become personally disagreeable. Let him take this warning seriously, otherwise he will find it very difficult to practice his politics if that is the route he seeks to take. We challenged him after he was expelled that ‘since you are a political heavy weight, let’s go in Roan, we face each other,’ he ran to court. So he is a coward. We are still challenging him that time is still there, he can withdraw the case so that we face him in Roan. So the party is ready to defend its action against expelled Roan Member of Parliament honorable Chishimba Kambwili in court.”

He also named Erick Silwamba, Bonaventure Mutale, and Simwanza Lungu as the lawyers to represent the party in the case against Kambwili in court.

“To this effect, the party has retained the services of the following in this matter; honorable Mr Erick Silwamba State Counsel of Erick Silwamba and company, and Mr Bonaventure Mutale State Counsel from Erick and Company, and we have Mr Simwanza Lungu. These are the ones who are going to represent the party in court. I told you we are on firm ground, we are ready to defend our decision,” Mwila said.

He also dispelled rumors that PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba was suspended from the party.

“He has not been suspended, that is why he is seated behind me. If he was suspended, he was not going to be here. He is still in charge of the youths and the provincial chairman is here,” Mwila added.

Mwila further revealed the names of selected candidates to represent the party in the forth coming local government by-elections in Muchinga, Northern, and Central provinces.

“The following candidates have been adopted by PF to contest the local government by-elections in their designated areas. Lavushimanda District in Muchinga Province, we have adopted colonel Peter Chipasha, we have also adopted Mr Chipalo Mwansa to stand in Kanchibiya District. In Lunte district of Northern Province, the party has adopted Lawrence Chanda as our candidate. In Itezhi-tezhi district of Central Province, we have adopted Namakau Kaingu who is a lady, so she will stand on our ticket,” said Mwila.