In this audio, Chishimba Kambwili says the Patriotic Front will not manage to block his political aspirations because even the cadres they sent to harass him ended up cheering for him.

This morning, police blocked the expelled Roan PF member of parliament former Copperbelt Province Minister Mwenya Musenge from attending the 2017 Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena traditional ceremony.

Around 09:00 hours, police blocked the duo at a barricade they mounted near Lukashya Bridge.

Police also blocked Kambwili and Musenge from appearing on Radio Mano for a paid phone in program.

But in an interview with News Diggers!, Kambwili revealed that Paramount Chief Chitimukulu warned him to leave the province to avoid bloodshed.

“Nabatukanya ba police [police have blocked us]…twafika pa road block, twamonafye imwyotoka shabapolice shiletukonka. Lilya twaiminina baisa abati iyoho nabatweba akwebati bemingisha. [when we reached the road block and when we stopped, they came and told us that they have been instructed not to allow us in]. Naine njebele awe imwe tei munkanye ukuya ku traditional ceremony [so I told them to say you can’t stop me from attending this traditional ceremony], a traditional ceremony of my own land because I am from the Royal family. Then they said no, so I said give me the number for Chief Chitimukulu then I spoke to my grandfather then he told me ‘no I am surprised that it’s the police who stopping to enter there [because] me they have told me that the PF youths have mounted a road block not to allow you to come in the district but I said we are haven’t seen any youth it’s the police who are telling us that we are not supposed to enter then the Chitimukulu said ‘look, I don’t want what happened in Mongu to happen to you because they can just end up locking you up so to avoid this just don’t come here because we don’t want bloodshed’. That’s how I said thank you very much my grandfather and I turned off and started coming back,” Kambwili said.

“We went to Mano, Radio Mano so that we can issue a statement about what happened [but] we found the police have blocked the studio that didn’t want us to go in. The owners of studio called us to say no what you can do is that you can find somewhere where we can come and record you and play it but the situation was hostile by the police to the extent that they can come up with trumped up charges to arrest us for no reason so we said that let’s just leave. So right now as I am speaking to you we are in Luwingu.”

Kambwili said the PF youths who were sent to harass him instead told him that the ruling party would cry in 2021.

“I am extremely disappointed with the behaviour of our President Edgar Lungu, they are saying I am not a factor politically but why are they behaving like this towards me? They sent PF youths while we at the station, they came with two vehicles labeled ‘PF Kasama youths’ and the youths when they came they said we were sent to harass you but for us you have not committed any offence you are our man and these people will cry in 2021 and the youths just started celebrating me and they jumped in their vehicles and left. So I can’t imagine why they are behaving like this towards me because they have said I am a political mosquito but why are they scared? But I know the consequences, I mean I know the reason they have reacted like this because I was going to be received with a thunderous welcome and it was going to overshadow them that’s why they avoided me going there,” he said.

He said the PF would not manage to block his political aspirations.

“But let me tell them that they will not mange to block my political aspirations, they will not. That was why Mwila [PF secretary General] was warning yesterday that I will regret and I will not do my politics in peace, this is what he was talking about but let me warn Mwila, they don’t own this country. This country is not in the lawlessness of the PF cadres and their Secretary General. So tell Mwila that if MMD was behaving hostile to us like, PF could not have formed government, this is a democracy and they must allow people freedom of association and movement. This is unfortunate, we are in the hands of scared people, people are scared of their own shadow but they will not manage. I feel sorry for them, I don’t want to cause problems, I don’t want to play in their hands so that they can find trumped up charges and lock me up. I am an innocent and law abiding citizen and I will not play in their hands,” said Kambwili.

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