Bailiffs this afternoon raided Opposition People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti’s son Mpinga’s office to recover property, following a dispute between him and his business partner.

In an interview with News Diggers, Mulongoti said it was not his office which was raided but that of his son (Mpinga).

“It is about my son’s architectural practice, they had a difference with his partner. So the partner went to the bailiffs and the bailiffs came without following procedure. So they opened by force and started preparing whatever… and in fact, his offices are in Long Acres and mine are in Kabulonga,” said Mulongoti.

“It is my son, and his name is also Mulongoti for sure. They have been having differences over the premisses. But the bailiffs didn’t get anything. They were told that ‘you have no authority to do that’. His lawyers challenged them, and he gave them upto 14:00hrs to put back everything where they found them.”