Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu must resign as leader of the Patriotic Front because he has failed to unite the party.

And Kambwili says if the PF pushes him too far, he will launch a political Tsunami that the country has never seen before.

Meanwhile, the former Information Minister complained that President Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu called to warn him that State Machinery would be used to make him broke.

In an interview with News Diggers! Kambwili said he had taken time to interact with the sidelined ministers who were in Michael Sata’s Cabinet and they were not happy with how the ruling party had been hijacked by the MMD.

“The original PF members are not happy. Everybody is not happy. There is an invisible hand that is dictating the affairs of PF and this hand is distabilising the party. The sooner the PF members realise that we are being taken on a wrong course, the better. Look at what is happening in the mines; how can the government allow miners [at Mopani Mines] to be sent on forced leave over a contractual agreement which is very straight forward. Mopani are not being unreasonable, they are following what is contained in the Power Supply Agreement that they have with CEC. We need to understand these issues other than threatening Mopani. We have a big problem here, we expect the President to call Mopani to State House and resolve the issue, he should have even cut his trip from Mfuwe,” Kambwili said.

Take a listen:

“That is why I am saying under this administration of Edgar Lungu, Minors will never see anything tangible. The earlier the President realises that he is making a mistake and comes back to sit with the original PF, and do the original plan of PF, the better. Failure to which, the only thing I can do is to ask him to resign and pave way for other people to lead PF. Someone who has a heart for the people, a heart for the poor, a heart for the miners.”

Asked if he was interested in taking over from President Lungu, Kambwili said all he wanted was unity in the ruling party.

“I want to fight for PF and my matter is in court, but if we reach the hard rock, there is nothing I can do. I will have no option but to device plan B. I have told them that once we go plan B, they will have nobody to blame but themselves. They will see a political Tsunami that they have never seen in this country. I am not a political lightweight,” warned Kambwili.

He said he could not sit idle and watch the party he labored for be taken over by strangers.

“The MMD government is back through the back door. Everything that is happening now is MMD. It’s no longer PF. The entire leadership of PF today is MMD and the man behind the control of PF is Rupiah Banda. So we have gone back to square one; the people that we removed from power have come back,” Kambeili observed.

“And for me I doubt if President Edgar Lungu has ever been PF before, because if he was PF, he would have continued with the PF members in leadership. What is going on now, you can see that it’s the MMD tricks; where when you have an election, you put the price of maize at K85 per bag, immediately the elections are over, you bring the price of maize at K60 per bag, this is what we were seeing in MMD. The MMD would start a road when there are elections, immediately after elections are over they demobilise.”

He observed that President Lungu was travelling unnecessarily and neglecting pressing national issues.

“What were we were seeing in MMD is that the President was out of the country every after two weeks. This is exactly what we are seeing now. Look at what President Edgar Lungu did; there was an inauguration ceremony in Rwanda and there was a very important meeting of Heads of State in South Africa. Ordinarily, you would have the President to send a minister or Vice-President to Rwanda for the inauguration ceremony and go and attend an important SADC meeting. But the President goes for both meetings. He goes and lands for two minutes and takes off again to go to South Africa, from South Africa he goes to Mfuwe,” said Kambwili.

“You have seen of late that opening of all things now is done by the President, if there is opening of a market shelter costing K250 it is the President. If there is official opening of a school, it is the President, official opening of a shopping mall, it is the President. Launching of Oil Exploration, the President goes to launch. Surely, do you need the President to go for the exploration of oil? A President should be going to launch the production of oil, not exploration. It appears that the President doesn’t have anything to do in the office.