Former Lusaka Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta says the ruling party may fail to finish another five-year term because it is too divided to stand the pressure from Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili and other PF founders who have been sidelined.

And Mwaliteta has charged that those who remained in PF have surrendered the running of government to Finance Minister Felix Mutati and his MMD ministers while they concentrate on enriching themselves from government deals.

The former Kafue member of parliament, who spent a year in remand prison on aggravated robbery charges, said this in an interview with News Digger!

“I don’t think the PF will manage to reach 2021. The way I look at things, they might as well all resign because the more they fire the real PF members, the tougher it will get for them. They cannot contain the pressure that is coming from the Kambwilis and all these people they are firing. I am seeing a situation where, because of the pressure, we might have an early election because the party will just break. If you are going to fire the people who understand the manifesto of PF, then I don’t know what you are doing. I don’t know which manifesto the Minster of Finance is following whether it’s the MMD manifesto or the PF manifesto. Otherwise PF is no longer there. What has remained now is the MMD whom they have surrendered the party to,” Mwaliteta said.

“What they are doing now is just winding up, there is no future for PF anyway. Maybe you can ask me about the future for MMD which is now running government under PF. I can predict the future for MMD which has remained in PF now running the national affairs. Their future is to make money for themselves and forget about this country, and that is what pains me.”

He said the MMD members in government were teaching PF ministers bad manners.

“PF has been auctioned to MMD, that’s the truth of the mater. The so-called PF who have remained now with the MMD are the people who know a lot about government deals. In fact these MMD guys have taught those who have remained in PF a lot of bad manners. What is happening now is that only those who are working closely with the President are the ones making money. No one has got money, the economy is for a few individuals and bwana Mutati. The PF guys who were very poor, who wanted to get rid of people like me, at least thank God me I came out quickly, but those who have remained have been taught how to make money through government deals,” he said.

“If we recall in PF, the founders were Michael Sata, Guy Scott, Wynter Kabimba whether you like him or not, Chishimba Kambwili, the Emmanuel Chendas and others, the rest were not there and if you remember the first appointments by Sata. His Execellency the President now Edgar Lungu was a just a deputy minister. I don’t think that is the person he wanted to take over from him. So what is happening here is that this PF is just winding up. it’s like a company which is bankrupt now you are winding up so that you close down the company.”

Mwaliteta added that it was possible that President Lungu would reshuffle his Cabinet soon, because he had realised that most of the ministers were not loyal to him any more.

“I won’t be surprised if there will be reshuffles in Cabinet because the government now has got two cabinets. There is one Cabinet for one group of ministers and there is another Cabinet for the President and the few people he trusts. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there are reshuffles soon because what has remained now in PF is not about loyalty, it’s about boot-licking. So if you are a very good bootlicker, you will survive this reshuffle if at all it will be there. If you are not a boot-licker, you are gone,” said Mwaliteta.

“So what we are saying is that the future of PF is gone. They have already handed over the party to the MMD to run government while they enrich themselves from government deals.”