University of Zambia Deputy Vice Chancellor Enala Mwase says the university recognises the role private colleges and universities such as Paglory University play in providing quality training to teachers.

Professor Mwase said this during Paglory University’s 6th graduation ceremony at which more than 1,000 students graduated over the weekend in Kabwe.

“It is the duty of the University of Zambia to ensure that quality training is provided to our trainees. In doing so, the University of Zambia has committed itself to providing quality assurance to its affiliate institutions through regular monitoring and moderation of student’s course work and final examination of our students,” Prof Mwase said.

She expressed confidence in the cohort of graduates that had been trained by Paglory University.

“I am glad to say that the moderation exercise for Paglory University was successfully concluded and it is the reason we are here today for this sixth graduation ceremony. The 1,083 students graduating today are as good as those trained by the University of Zambia, since they meet all the criteria set for the course,” she said.

And Paglory University Vice Chancellor Egidio Machuta reminded the graduates that education did not stop after one graduates.

Professor Machuta said learning and acquisition of wisdom were moral duties that must be cultivated.

He said if learning stopped, progress in all industries would stop as well.

“If we stopped learning, the progress in all industries; computers, finances, engineering and sciences would stop as well. Therefore, pursue your further studies” said Prof Muchuta.