THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has retained the Council chairperson seat for Itezhi-Tezhi District with a landslide victory after beating its closest rival, the Patriotic Front (PF) with a margin of 5, 027.

But it is the ruling party that has scooped the majority of local government seats.

The Itezhi-tezhi Council chair seat fell vacant following the death of UPND’s Gift Luyako, 34, in April this year.

Itezhi-Tezhi returning officer, Stanley Shikabona declared UPND’ Steven Shaloba winner at 12: 59 hours today after polling 7,215 votes.

The UPND also won the Libonda Ward in Kalabo district as well as Mpindi Kakonja in Zambezi.

The ruling party has scooped, Mabinga in Chama South, Chililalila in Kabwe, Chitwi in Luanshya, Luansobe in Mufulira, Luntomfwe in Kaputa and Chimanja.

The PF also made its presence felt in Lunte, Kanchibiya and Lavushimanda.