in this audio, Copperbelt province Minister Bowman Lusambo claims Chishimba Kambwili grabbed his neck and punched him at Parliament yesterday.

In an interview with Hot FM today, Lusambo said Parliament security officers saved him from Kambwili.

“I came out of the chamber, I went out and Chishimba Kambwili was standing with honorable minister of Foreign Affairs. The honorable foreign affairs Minister called me personally, he called me to go and greet him. Then Chishimba Kambwili upon seeing me that am advancing where they were with Foreign Affairs Minister, he insulted me, he insulted the president, he insulted the ministers and me I told Kambwili that ‘if you are saying that we have stolen, why can’t you take all of us people who have stolen to relevant security agencies?’ so that they can do their job,” Lusambo said.

“If Kambwili has evidence to what he said, the advice which I advised him is to take the people he thinks they have stolen to relevant security agencies so that they can handle that issue. What happened? He grabbed my neck, he punched me and me I just removed him from my body and he went out saying we have attacked him, there is no one who attacked him, he attacked me. And the people who came to separate him from me are the parliamentary security officers. And for me it was very embarrassing that a senior MP who has been in that house and he knows the rules can behave like that, it was very unfortunate.”

Lusambo said that he regretted the incident.

“I did not slap him, I am not refusing, am telling you that I did not slap him. Yes I was offended, anyone can get offended especially where someone is insulting openly and insulting me an innocent person. A person who has not even insulted Kambwili before, and for him he gets excited for nothing and you know despite me being an MP, despite Kambwili being an MP, the office of the presidency, that office is the highest office of this land. Whether we don’t respect the person who is in that office, we should respect the office,” said Lusambo.

“That is the office which Kambwili has been assaulting each and every day and its up to the people of Zambia to judge who is Kambwili and where to place Kambwili. But me with the incident which happened yesterday, I regret that incidence and personally as honorable Lusambo I think am very embarrassed that Kambwili behaved in such a manner.”

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