United Progressive People (UPP) Party Secretary General Mbaita Musendeka has resigned from her position, barely two months after the opposition party spokesperson Kizito Mukuka also quit.

In her resignation letter to the UPP WhatsApp group yesterday, Musendeka said she had come to the realisation that her dreams while working in the opposition political party were mere hallucinations.

“On a sad note I left the UPP which is the only place I knew to be my home as far as politics are concerned. It’s so sad that the dreams which I had were just mere hallucinations. I thought I was going to be part of this fight of corruption to the end but I didn’t know that strangers would be given so much power to spoil the whole thing,” Musendeka wrote.

She warned that if those who have remained in the party continued pushing her, she would spill the beans.

“We all talk about corruption, injustice but the facts that led to my resignation compels me to remember this saying ‘when you point a finger at someone, three are actually pointing at yourself and you could be three times worse’. I was disrespected in the presence of many people as I handed over the notes today and I was given no room to explain my side. when I tried, he (Chishimba) became furious and left. If it happened like that to me then surely it can happen to any other. If a leader has a stiff backbone it becomes very dangerous. A lot has been said about me but if it continues I will spill the rotten beans,” Musendeka warned.

She complained that she sacrificed her personal resources to help the party grow.

“I have had to use my own resources to be at the [party] secretariat almost every day, seldom have I received assistance from the party and such has not been that which can sustain me even for a week. The highest amount I ever received was what was called an appreciation after the party president was released from woodlands police. I did not [even] use the entire amount because two days later, there was a TV program at CBC and I had to use part of the same money on the expenses because I was told to do so,” Musendeka complained.

She wished Chishimba and others well.

“…With a lot of improvement, Dr saviour Chishimba can be a good leader. I wish the UPP family all the best in their quest. I also wish to make it clear that I have not just resigned as SG but from the party as well.”

Musendeka also told this reporter that she might join another political party anytime.

“I already have too many olive branches extended but I just don’t want to rush. I am not out of politics,” said Musendeka.