Patriotic Front Chifubu member of parliament Frank Ng’ambi says Zambians should not be deceived by political dropouts who are pretending to be pioneers of the party.

Speaking when he featured on the PF Interactive Forum in Ndola on Sunday, Ng’ambi said that it was a pity that some politicians were dragging President Edgar Lungu into their frustrations.

“I have also seen people who have fallen out of the favor of the PF and were now carrying themselves as pioneers of the PF. Let me tell Zambians not to be deceived by these political drop outs who are suffering from the sigma of been dropped. Those who were there in our time do remember the stigma that was attached to falling grade seven exams and that exactly what these political drop outs are facing, stigma of being irrelevant,” Ng’ambi said.

“I do not think ,there is anyone who would want to follow a political drop out because those people have a stigma that does not allow them to fit inside the politics that were set by late president (Michael)Sata, that why they find it difficult to work with President Lungu.”

He said President Lungu would not lose focus because he had development to deliver.

“I want to tell the people of Zambia, that these people you see were once in president Sata’s government, and you know what he never at one point kept them in one particular ministerial position because he knew their level of instability which they now want to attach to president Lungu government. But I want to encourage President Lungu not to lose focus because Zambians were able to see his developmental ideas that he has planted through the many developmental projects across the country,” said Ng’ambi.