ZICTA has confiscated a transmitter from Vision Community Radio Macha in Choma district of Southern province for operating the station without a frequency license.

Radio Macha station manager Beston Mudenda confirmed the development in an interview today.

He said some Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority officers confiscated the transmitter from the station yesterday after failing to pay a K3,000 penalty which was demanded.

“The issue is that we have not paid for the frequency license to ZICTA because us we didn’t know to say that there is also a license from ZICTA that we have to pay for, we only know that we have to pay for the license from IBA. So when they came yesterday, they said we have to pay for the license and also the frequency from ZICTA. The license is K300 because they told us that if we had a K3,000 [penalty fee] we could pay right away so that we could be included in their data system but since we did not have the money pay them yesterday that’s how they got the transmitter,” said Mudenda.

Vision Community Radio Macha has been operating since 2011.