$1 million fire tender damaged in accident

One of the 42 controversial fire tenders which government recently procured at US$42 million has been involved in a serious road trafffic accident in Chililabombwe.

A witness told News Diggers that the accident happened this evening.

In a video shared by the witness, the truck is seen in its overturned position, surrounded by local residents who watched and took pictures of fire bregade officers trying to rescue themselves from the accident.

Police are yet to confirm the cause of the accident.


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In the the second Iraq war, termed Desert Storm, bombs called Tomahawks were fired from the battle ship on the sea into Bhagdad. Each missile was worth a warping $1,000,000. As the missiles went up in a flurry of fire, I wondered why in the world full of hunger, disease and poverty humans would elect to waste the much needed resources in that manner.

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