Police summon Kambwili

Police in Lusaka have summoned Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili to appear for interviews at Lusaka Division Police Headquarters at 14:00 hours tomorrow.

According to a notice, Kambwili is required to present himself to Room A 73, 3rd Floor tomorrow.

Kamwbwili, who is also newly formed NDC’s political consultant has been calling President Edgar Lungu and his ministers thieves.

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I have noticed that certain comments that are being made by the so-called media consultants are off the mark and substance. NDC as a party is headed in the right direction as an opposition political party. The so called media experts who to me are petty should be nipped before they spoil the party. Let maturity rein by whose from the party who are in public and not not every person to be the spokes person. Concentrate on real and not petty issues.


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