PF Copperbelt Provincial chairman Stephen Kainga has refuted allegations that there is division in PF on the Copperbelt following calls from the youth to dismiss party Secretary General Davies Mwila among other related internal wrangles.

In a statement today, Kainga disclosed that the ruling party would finish off the Roan lawmaker Chishimba Kambwili and make his stay on the province unbearable if he continued insulting President Edgar Lungu.

“It has come to our attention that there is panic among the opposition that lies have become their daily bread. As PF Copperbelt provincial leadership, we want to make it clear that the party is intact and still going strong. It is strange that some people want to continue to peddle lies to gain political mileage unfortunately the Copperbelt province is still and will remain to be the bedroom of the ruling mighty Patriotic Front. We know that some people from the opposition have focused their energies to bring division to the party within the Copperbelt, but this has failed,” Kainga stated.

“The PF leadership on the Copperbelt together with our Provincial Minister Honorable Bowman Lusambo have a good working relationship which has attracted more people to the party. Just a few weeks ago, we had new and old PF members coming back to the party because they have seen the leadership of the province and that of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.”

Kainga challenged Kambwili to resign from his position so that the ruling party could compete favorably with him.

He also stated that the ruling party would not sit back and allow Kambwili to be jumping up and down on the Copperbelt.

“But we know that there are some people that are being used by the NDC and UPND to speak ill and create an impression that we are divided on the Copperbelt. To our friends in the NDC, we still maintain that let them tell their consultant hon Chishimba Kambwili to resign so that we test his popularity on the Copperbelt as he claims. We also want to put it on record that we have not turned against our position on hon Kambwili. As long as he continues to insult the President, sorry, we shall take him over,” he stated.

“We won’t allow him to jump up and down on the Copperbelt. He will not have it easy. We will take him on politically and finish him, though he is already finished. To us, we won’t use any violence, but take him on political battles. Hon Kambwili is not a heavy weight to attack and disturb the President. It is us and our members that will take him on. He has pushed us enough, its time we take him on now.”

Meanwhile, Kainga advised Copperbelt Jerabo commander Tobias Mwamba to use the right channel of communication when airing out grievances and other concerns regarding the party.

“We have also seen reports of a named Jerabo commander who is moving about claiming that the PF is divided. We want to put it on record that the PF is united. If they have any concerns, it is better they use the right channel to air out their concerns. Rushing to the media does not solve anything. The PF and its leader, President Lungu have always had an open door policy and will always listen to the concerns of the Zambian people, even if the concerns come from an individual, stated Kainga.