Former Democratic Front leader Miles Sampa today endorsed President Edgar Lungu for the 2021 elections saying there is an unwritten rule in PF that the incumbent can never be challenged.

And Sampa has told those leaving the PF out of frustration that there are more frustrations out there.

Speaking when he rejoined the PF today, Sampa said his time in isolation taught him to be loyal to the President.

“Today is a new day and a new page in my career. Bygones are bygones and we move on, on a new chapter. I wish to assure His Excellency, Edgar Chagwa Lungu my unflinching loyalty and support for him henceforth. The isolation period over the last few years has taught me two important lessons in politics. Lesson number one is that in politics, always have 100 per cent loyalty to the president and all his appointees…you cannot say you love the president but you hate his appointees, it is simple politics,” Sampa said.

“Lesson number two, in politics, especially the youths, patience and total discipline are cardinal at all times. Because of that, while I am here, I wish to reiterate the statement I made recently that for the upcoming PF convention in 2020, Me, Miles Sampa, my choice for the party president of PF is the current president Edgar Chagwa Lungu. It is my choice, no one has told me.”

He also endorsed President Lungu for 2021.

“What I know about politics is that the unwritten rule in PF is that the incumbent president is supported and never challenged. That is what happened in 2010 when we went for the convention. The incumbent, the late Michael Sata was not challenged to foster unity in the party. The same courtesy should be accorded to the current president Edgar Chagwa Lungu so that there is unity in the party. And beyond that, that decision was already made by the central committee,” Sampa said.

And Sampa warned those leaving PF out of frustration to realise that there were worse frustrations outside the ruling party.

“Those leaving PF should learn from our experience because I have already said that you must have patience in politics so if they experience a little frustration and they want to run away and go, let me tell them that there is more frustration where they are going. Those who loved late president Michael Sata should continue to show love to him by remaining in PF whose current torch bearer is President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. There will never be a Michael Sata outside PF. All those claiming to represent him are a fake replica of Michael Sata,” said Sampa.

Sampa, who is also a former Matero PF member of parliament, resigned from his position as Commerce deputy minister in October 2015 and from the ruling party in January, 2016 saying the current PF’s conduct reminded him of the MMD of 2011 that instilled fear in the general public.

He then went on to form the Democratic Front party which got entangled in ownership wrangles, eventually forcing him to change its name to United Democratic Front.

Sampa entered into an alliance with Elias Chipimo of NAREP and Eric Chanda who was 4th Revolution leader which was dubbed the Orange Alliance which quickly fell apart as he opted to throw his weight behind UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

However, after results were announced and it was clear President Lungu had been re-elected, Sampa ditched the UPND, his own party and begged to rejoin the ruling party.