Chavuma man dies after drinking too much Kachasu

A 39-year-old man of Chavuma district has died after excessive intake of locally brewed alcohol known as kachasu, during the festive celebrations.

And in a separate incident, two male juveniles of Mushindano district in North-Western province have drowned in the Kamukuwo dam where they were swimming.

North-Western Province police commissioner Auxensio Daka revealed this in a statement on Wednesday.

“On December 26, 2017, Chavuma police station received a report that a 39 year old man of Mulondoka village in Chavuma district had died after drinking excessive local brewed beer known as kachasu. The case was reported by 47-year-old Henry Mulonga of Kanjongo Sewe village in Chief Ndungu’s area of Chavuma district. He reported that his nephew, Given Kandonga of Mulondola village had died after excessive drinking of kachasu lutuku,” Daka explained.

“The incidence occurred on Tuesday around 14:30 hours in Mulondola village. When police visited the scene and inspected the body, they discovered that there were no injuries. No foul play was suspected and the relatives have been advised to bury the body. The body is currently in Chavuma mission hospital awaiting burial,” stated Daka.

And in a separate incident, two male juveniles of Mushindano district in North-Western Province drowning in the Kamukuwo dam where they were swimming.

“St Dorothy police station [on Tuesday] December 26,2017 received a report of drowning which occurred on the same day around 13 hours in Kingovwa area along Solwezi-Chingola road. Paul Kayanda aged 37, of Kingovwa area reported that his two nephews, Evance Chibeluka aged 11 and Charles Nkatu aged 15 had drowned when they were swimming at kamukuwo dam. The two juveniles were both from Nkatu village in Chief Kalilele’s area in Mushindano district, North-Western province,” he stated.

Daka stated that there was no foul play and the relatives had been advised to bury the bodies.

“The incident was discovered by three small boys who were hunting birds in a nearby bush. When the police visited the scene they found that the two bodies had already been retrieved. The same dam is believed to have been dug by a construction company where they used to get gravel for road construction. B.I.D (Brought In Dead) forms were issued and no foul play is suspected. The relatives have been advised to bury the bodies and the inquiry file has been opened.”


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