Under the government leadership of President Edgar Lungu, Zambia has seen the greatest ever investment in infrastructure, only second to the UNIP regime, says Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo.

Known for hero-worshipping the Head of State as “the Great Leader of this Great Country”, Lusambo shared his 2018 vision with a renewed message of utmost loyalty to the President and his newly found love for PF, having just joined the ruling party in 2016 when he was offered an opportunity to represent the party as Kabushi member of parliament.

Lusambo also said President Lungu was firmly in control of the ship as captain, and resignations by some disgruntled officials would not deter him.

He said, in a statement shared on Facebook, that under President Lungu, every part of Zambia was enjoying modern infrastructure development.

“As we start the year 2018, I wish to urge all Zambians from all walks of life to renew their hope and commitment to the values upon which this great nation was founded. The values of love, equality, freedom and prosperity for all, are what Zambia needs now more than ever for the country to reach its full potential. The leadership of His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu is firmly in control to steer the affairs of this great nation to reach its destination. I am of a firm belief that no matter how turbulent the waters might be, the ship is in safe hands under President Lungu.

“What is true however is that, like on every journey, there would be a few impatient and disgruntled passengers who might opt to jump out. What is important to realise is that the captain of the ship always knows the true destination. As loyal passengers, it is our duty to trust in the abilities of our captain to take us to our destination.”

He went on to highlight some of the bold decisions which President Lungu had made.

“Under President Lungu, Zambia has seen a leader who is focused on getting the results no matter how unpopular some quarters may perceive some actions. Leadership is the ability take bold but decisive actions for the good of the nation. The directive for the Defence Forces to join the fight against Cholera is unprecedented. The removal of costly and unsustainable subsidy programmes on fuel, electricity and agriculture are some of the bold decisions taken under President Lungu’s watch, in order to correct legacy mistakes by some of his predecessors,” he said.

“As a loyal member of the PF, I strongly believe that the party has enough stamina to continue providing effective leadership to this great nation until Zambia attains radical transformation. Even in sports management, a key principle is that there is no player bigger than the team. Those players who feel they have outgrown the team are either benched by the Manager or they are released.”

He said only UNIP could beat the record of the PF in building infrastructure around the country.

“Under this leadership, we have seen the greatest ever investment in infrastructure, only second to the UNIP government. Every part of Zambia has today seen some new and modern infrastructure being constructed under the leadership of President Lungu. To the cynics, I wish to invite you to take time to see the transformation that is currently taking place across the country. The economic dividend of the infrastructure spending will only be realised after a few more years, what is however evident is that the gains that Zambia has made by investing in these important infrastructure projects has improved the country’s investment profile,” said Lusambo.

“To those that are still in doubt, I wish to reaffirm that President Lungu’s leadership is one ordained by God. As children of God, we have a duty to remain faithful and loyal to God and all his doings as commanded in the book of Proverbs 3:3-6.”