Former PF Copperbelt provincial chairlady Dorothy Chipimpi Kayuni has defected to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), citing selfishness and greed in the ruling party.

Speaking when NDC secretary general Mwenya Musenge welcomed defector from Lufwanyama, Kayuni said the PF was an ungrateful party.

“My names are Dorothy Chipimpi, Kayuni, former provincial chairlady for Patriotic Front. I was not nominated or appointed by anyone, but elected by the entire Copperbelt. I am a happy person today after consulting from Chingola, Chililabombwe, Mufulira and even here in Kitwe; I have decided to leave the party. There are a lot of people that supported me from the PF structures. We worked very hard in PF. I cooked my own nshima, but after it was ready, they said ‘Dorothy, get out of here, you will not eat with us’,” Kayuni complained.

“I have asked my God to guide me as I leave the PF which I loved so much. It was hard for the PF to campaign when they were in opposition. They could not go to Lufwanyama, but they said ‘if you put Dorothy in front, the people will listen’. But they threw us out. That is why today I have resolved that I should not remain behind in joining NDC. After all, the people who started PF are the ones who have left the party, so why should I remain?”

She described PF as a ungrateful party.

“I tried my best to help PF, they never appreciated. I sacrificed my own money and car, but they never thanked me. Our Provincial Minister (Bowman Lusambo) is my own brother, but he lies to me everyday. It’s time for me to go; these people I have come with are very few, but wait and see the number of people we will bring next time,” said Kayuni.

“In Lufwanyama, we have six chiefs, it was not easy for me without the support of the party. I am asking you ba NDC to help us. With your support, we will not fail to mobilise the party here.”

And Musenge thanked the defectors.

“All of you who have decided to defect from PF, I know most of you. You are are very hardworking. I am very grateful. You have come home. You have arrived. NDC will provide shelter to all those who are frustrated in PF,” said Musenge.