PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says there is more to Harry Kalaba’s resignation which eyes cannot see.

Speaking in an interview with News Diggers, Phiri said people should not come out strong only when they are fired or when they know that their end is near.

“You know life has short legs, the resignation of Kalaba, there is more to it than what the eyes can see. And the truth always stands. If President Lungu is truly corrupt, it would have been known by everybody. I wish people can pin-point at the things that he has done corruptly. There is more to that than what the eyes can see, but people can say all sorts of things,” Mumbi said.

“Remember in the Bible, there was a man called Stephen. Stephen was stoned to death. But even after his death, the truth came out. Jesus Christ himself was crucified on the cross and he died, after his death, the truth came out that truly he was a son of God. The thing is the truth will always stand. And if truly the PF government was corrupt, i am sure you know me very well and how I came on the political scene, I could have been the first one to resign, me as Mumbi Phiri. Not these who are being fired then they start talking or when they know that their end is near they start talking. There are a lot of us in PF who are principled and I am one of them.”

She hopped that Kalaba would remain a member of the PF, despite resigning from the position of foreign affairs minister.

“Honourable Kalaba resigned in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs. To be a minister its a prerogative of the president, so he resigned from the prerogative of the president. But he hasn’t said he has resigned as a member of parliament. From what I have seen, he has said he will continue serving as a member of parliament for Bahati, and he has a choice, he has decided to continue as a member of parliament, so we should respect that. He hasn’t written to the secretariat that he is resigning form the party,” said Phiri.