Police in Kabompo have gunned down a dangerous criminal who was allegedly involved in the recent aggravated robbery in Mumbezhi area where money amounting to K60,000 was stolen.

This was after the suspect, together with three others, allegedly attacked a 27-year-old Ndola man identified as Remmy Mubanga whom he gave a lift from Zambezi to Mumbezhi.

North Western Province Police Commissioner Auxensio Daka told News Diggers! in a statement that one criminal was apprehended after an exchange of fire with police while two others escaped.

Daka stated that the criminals, who were armed with a Pistol, attcked the driver who was also a salesman and stole cash amounting to K60, 000 before tying him.

After tying and throwing the driver in the truck, Daka stated that the criminals went in the bush to share the money before police arrived.

“Kabompo police have gunned down one dangerous criminal in Mumbezhi area Kabombo. This was after a report of aggravated robbery in which Remmy Mubanga aged 27 of House No. 7085 Lubuto Ndola was attacked by three unknown men who he gave lift from Zambezi to Mumbezhi and just after Chitokoloki junction, the criminals attacked the driver/ sales man who was driving a Hino truck ACV 3637 while armed with a Pistol and stole from him cash money amounting to K60,000.00. The criminals asked for lift after telling the sales man that they are business men in Mumbezhi and want to buy some of the spirits (alcohol) that he was selling. But on the way, the three over powered the driver and tied him and put him behind the truck,” stated Daka.

“Police swiftly moved in after the salesman was assisted by local neighborhood security men. The alerted police found criminals in the bush sharing the money and as the were escaping there was an exchange of fire and the process one was shot and died at Mumbezhi clinic while K17,000. Cash recovered from him. While motor vehicle Toyota sprinter vintage ATB 7027 which came on the scene was used by three and two managed to escape. Today one more criminal who was on the run has been apprehended in Kabulamema area.”