Kankoyo PF member of parliament Brian Mushimba says there is no doubt that the ruling party will win the 2021 general elections because President Edgar Lungu is an intelligent and easy-to-sell product, compared to his competitors in the opposition.

Speaking in an interview with News Diggers! Mushimba said under President Lungu, government had delivered massive development in every corner of the country.

“Our party up to now is the only national party in every corner of the country. Our party right now is the only party with structures in every corner of the country, our party up to now is the most attractive vehicle to bring national development in this country. Our party is the only party with an attractive, competent and loved President; a product that has been bought by the people in 2015 to 2016 – mark my words, in 2021, PF will still come through because we have a popular president, popular policies, we are everywhere in the country and we are still attractive,” Mushimba said.

“We have an agenda of national development. Just like the other day about communication towers, we are taking communication towers to every corner of the country. If you look at our development agenda and where the money is being spent, its being spent nationally. We are not saying we are going to develop Shangombo at the expense of Mwinilunga, no!”

He praised President Lungu as an intelligent, smart and an easy to sell product who is loved by the people of Zambia.

“The people that come to me in parliament to say ‘thank you for what your ministry is doing’ are from Dundumwezi, are from Nalolo, are from Ikelengi and also from our strongholds. We are taking development across the country and development is being seen. This is what is going to get us over the hump even in 2021. we have a very good President, a very humble man, a very visionary leader, intelligent and smart who is an easy product to sell, People love the President, he is an easy going person,” Mushimba added.

“We have other parties that have aloof leadership, leadership that is disconnected, leadership that thinks leadership comes from money. If leadership comes from money, Edgar Lungu would not be President today, it would be other people that have more money than him. So we have an agenda, we have a manifesto, we are executing, and we are taking development under the popular leader, we are going to come back in 2021.”

He said it was also normal for member of the ruling party to have opposing views.

“All these things are things that happen in a system. Where there are people, there are divergent views , opinions and all these things are normal. And when the party says don’t do this, its also normal because in a party, we also demand discipline. So there is a balance that has to be walked. But what drives us, what makes us tick everyday as politicians is the fact that we belong to the most attractive vehicle present in the political scene, there is no opposition,” said Mushimba.

Meanwhile Mushimba clarified that the US$ 1 billion Eurobond which government acquired was not meant for Zambia Railways alone but for other sectors and that only US$120 million was given to the rail sector.