PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says his party is not campaigning but rather doing countrywide party mobilisations and meeting with its people.

Reacting to opposition FDD Chama district chairperson Yotam Mtayachalo that the ruling party was campaigning for 2021 general elections three years ahead of time, Mwila said the notion was false.

He said his party did not complain when UPND was doing its card renewal exercise, adding that 2018 would be for meeting members.

And Mwila said President Lungu would continue interacting with people including the party officials.

“We have not started campaigns, we are mobilising the party. UPND was doing the card renewals did we tell them they were campaigning? We are not campaigning and the President will continue interacting with people, he is meeting with people, including the party officials in the district, that’s what we have started doing in 2018, it’s to meet our people. I was in southern province, I was meeting our people, all the party officials from the district and the constituencies,” said Mwila.