National Democratic Congress spokesperson Eric Chanda says NDC is eager to participate in any by-election that may come whether local government, parliamentary or even Presidential if President Edgar Lungu resigned.

On Wednesday, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila challenged the NDC to participate in the coming Local Government by-elections without ‘chickening out’ to see which party was popular.

But in response, Chanda reminded Mwila that it was NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili who was pushing the Electoral Commission of Zambia to facilitate for the long overdue local government by-elections.

“And we remind Honourable Davies Mwila, if he has a short memory and his PF, that it is the NDC Consultant Dr Chishimba Kambwili who raised the issue of ECZ delaying the local government by-elections. A number of Wards have gone beyond the Constitutional requirements of 90 days. And this is an assault, a serious abrogation of the Constitution by the ECZ through the PF government. The reason that has been given is that honourable Davies Mwila’s government has not funded the ECZ. This government is broke. So you tell this PF government that democracy is expensive. We chose democracy as a country and what they need to do is to find money, fund the ECZ and let all the pending by-elections at local government level be held,” Chanda said.

“If NDC was not keen in participating in the by-elections, we would not have raised this issue but for Davies Mwila and the PF’s information, you tell them that NDC is a well manifested political party across the country. We shall take keen interest in participating in any by-elections that may come. Whether local government, parliamentary, even at Presidential if at today Edgar Lungu goes the Jacob Zuma way.”

He however said NDC does not report to the PF.

“NDC does not report or answer to Davies Mwila. Whether to participate in a by-election or not should be non of his business. NDC would do things as and when, we feel is right for the party. We shall do our politics at our own time. We have our party Secretary General honourable Mwenya Musenge who handles the NDC issues,” Chanda said.

And Chanda said it was unfortunate that President Lungu, was in the forefront of abrogating the Constitution with impunity.

“These PF, their President swore to defend and protect the Constitution, but it very unfortunate that the President as a lawyer, the custodian of the Constitution is in the forefront of abrogating the Constitution with impunity. Ba Davies Mwila, you tell your boss to respect the Constitution. Uphold the rule of law and let the dictates of democracy be followed. In case you don’t read and don’t know what the Constitution says, free advice advice from NDC, its 90 days to hold elections and anything beyond that is against the law in the Republic of Zambia,” said Chanda.